Matt Siegel - Professional Remote Session Guitarist & More

About Me - Matt Siegel

Hi, I'm Matt Siegel. I'm a remote session guitarist and bassist with a few other tricks up my sleeve. I've been a performing musician and professional guitarist for 30 years. My primary genres are Rock, Blues, Country, Hard Rock, and Folk.

I provide electric guitar and acoustic guitar online/remote recording sessions. My musical focus is on serving the song and the vision of the artist.

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The Short Gear List

My primary gear:


  • Gibson Custom Shop 1960 Les Paul VOS Chicago Music Exchange exclusive
  • Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Les Paul VOS
  • Fender American Strat Plus
  • Fender American Telecaster


  • Kemper Profiler
  • Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue Sweetwater Exclusive


  • Pro Tools
  • Universal Audio Apollo

To see the full list, check out my gear page.

How Do Remote Sessions Work?

Anyone that knows me, knows I'm big on communication. Let's have a conversation about the music, song, guitar parts, etc.

As a remote session guitarist, I record the guitar tracks from my studio and provide an mp3 for you to preview.

Guitar tracks I provide can have effects built into them or dry based on your needs.

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Why Use a Remote Session Guitarist?

Let me be direct. First and foremost, COST! In-house session players, at least the good ones, cost hundreds of dollars per track. (Let's not even talk about the great ones).

I'm a musician that fully understands cost is a factor. I want to make your music sound amazing and you not have to break the bank.

Second, in-house session players have an added layer of pressure to create something that sounds good FAST. Trying to create a great performance on the clock often achieves less than optimal results. This is why, although played by amazing musicians, those guitar solos on modern country tracks typically all sound similar and don't really serve the song.

I take the time to truly listen and create tracks that serve the song. I don't watch or worry about the clock.

Contact me and let's discuss your project!

Let me take your music to the next level